Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/15/12 - Matt and Julie*

May 15, 2012
Today we went over to Matt and Julie's house. They are Mormoterians or something like that. Matt is a presbyterian and Julie is a mormon. they go to each others church every other week. When he told us the first time he read the book of mormon it was like reading God's word from people he had no idea about. and he was in a accident that broke his C4 vertebra and everything lead him to the presbyterian church and he is saying so what you are saying is everything that saved me is wrong? and that is not what we are trying to say and we explained the book of mormon and just all this stuff. it is really sad because he does have a testimony, but all of us no matter what faith need to be open and know that there are no limits to God's words. that's why we believe in prophets words today are scripture for our day... but we dont know what to do exactly. just allow him to feel that the things are true. every part, in full. i dont's hard cuz this man shoulda been paralyzed and dead. but he is fully functioning...I know that God loves all of His children and blesses them. We ALL pray to the same God, and do the best with what knowledge we have been given. I think he is sad that if it was the mormon church that is right then why didnt God lead him there earlier? sometimes we have to understand we wouldnt accept it and i dont know. but God has a plan.

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