Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/11/2012 - Baptism

Sister boyce is an awesome missionary. We stopped at Qrimsen's*. and last time i went to Qrimsen's we couldnt say two words. and she listens to preachers and says the ward never says hi to her and is so prideful and rambles on forever without taking a breath. I was just about to freak my freak when Qrimsen said she wasnt comin back to church and started dissin on the ward (The ward is so amazing and you know what happens when people start bashing on my people. aka grandpa and the experience in our garage) and then boyce jumped in and started bearing testimony. of course Qrimsen tried to interrupt but Boyce ran right over those interruptions and kept talking. it sure softened my heart to not EXPLODE but i did tell Qrimsen Dont act like we dont know what being shunned feels like because she has shunned and ignored us She was one of the people that ignored us over that 2 week period of being dropped. it was a good experience. but doubt it did any good. but because boyce testified quin actually listened when we tried talking.
Jess* at miracle acres. told us to come by sunday. so we did...we shared the resto and started askin her questions. her kids were all over and causing her stress. she said she didnt really understand our questions at the end cuz a lot was going through her boyce started to explain and then i saw her face...i knew she didnt really pick up on everything we said and she just started BAWLING!!! what the freak do you do after that happens??? we asked her to vent and she said i dont even know where to begin my whole life is bad luck (ps she has 4 kids 8,6,4,2 and looks WAY young and i dunno if she has a husband) and she cried so i told her a little about my life and how knowing the plan that God has set out that it gives us hope and eventually this crappy life will be over and as missionaries we invite people to follow Christ and be baptized by the authority Joseph restored which binds a promise we make with God to follow Him that will bless us now and for eternity to find the peace and comfort we need. she said she has never been baptized before. we told her what she needed to do to find out these things are true and she said she would and hopefully she does and gets baptized april 14. i told her how when we left her door from tracting gunnell said that she was someone we could help. she cried the whole time!!!! i had NO idea what to do. My heart broke cuz i felt like there was nothing i could do but hope she has a moment to read and pray!
And mark's* bapitism! so he walks into the font! BIGGEST SMILE I HAVE EVER SEEN! we forgot to tell him how it works so brother tyree puts his arm to the square and mark looks up at him and mark raises his hand!!! haha brother tyree whispered just keep your hands down and close your eyes! cutest thing ever. I was cryin the whole flippin meeting and i asked bishop to slide me in so i could bare my testimony to their family in the church. i cried so much and sister darcy* was cryin and i thought GOOD YOU CRY then get your butt back to church cuz you know its true! haha it was so amazing. Mark has been getting his dad and sister to chruch but his mom and other 2 brothers havent been coming. but Sister D is starting to warm up to us more. i think especially after i bore my testimony.
So basically we are workin hard and boyce is a great missionary but the thing is I miss gunnell a ton. this has really been the longest week ever! i love all the work that is gettin done but i kinda just feel know? but God always gives me an opportunity to depend upon Him so i guess my prayers are more directed to how much i need Him and are more sincere. so it is a blessing. it's not hard to train. 
Dont worry about me saying it's hard. i just dont transition well when i say goodbye to ppl i care about. like the first week at the mtc i was quiet!!!! and tyson emailed me and told me to open up. and really i am just bein dumb. but we are gonna have fun and work way hard. but i told boyce that dad said he rarely watches shoot em up movies and she laughed and remembered i talked about dad loving 007!

I think i might look up somethin on a chiropracter. yesterday my back was shooting was lame. but who knows, i dont want it to be a waste like something i just have ya know?
Well i am in a great area so frog griggin still isnt my thing. this is just kinda like utah with a billion other religions i feel like. just this teays valley area!

Well, i love you all. make them kids write me! i miss everyone!
love you,

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