Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/13/12 - Dan and Luke*

June 13, 2012
Today we saw Dan and Luke. Luke keeps making these lame excuses after he set up a plan to get to church and finally i just hammered down and we talked about how the gospel causes us to act and i called him out on how we made a plan for him to resolve his concern he just doesnt want to, but says he does. and we asked them why they wanted to have us over cuz they are both members. but mostly we were crackin the spiritual whip on Luke. and Luke made some dumb comment and Dan was like why are you lyin? haha he just like called him out and anyway at the end we said you know we are sorry for comin down but we want to make sure we are making a difference in your life, the gospel is all about you progressing because if we teach you somethin and it affects your spirit and you dont allow it to change your life then it's a waste of your time. wisdom can be of NO worth if we do nothing with it. but yeah Luke really doesnt care and at the end Dan was like i needed to hear that. dan has an addiction problem and is really working on it and has a bunch of health issues but it was so cool how we cracked down on Luke and Dan was like I needed that! so we left them with a question to ponder for the week "what have you done with what the missionaries have taught you, how has it changed your lives?" i really am so impressed with Dan. he is great! Luke...he is comin along and i hope he stops bein so there and just starts to enjoy life a little more.

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