Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/07/12 - Adam*

May 7, 2012
Today we went out tracting. We met Adam* from Germany who had a Mormon professor and some Mormon friends. He told me he wasnt about to switch religions now. and i said Why Not? and he said well cuz i'm old and i have been in my church a long time. so i said well, we are out sharing the Book of Mormon with people. Just like the Bible it is written by prophets who have recieved revelations about the Savior Jesus Christ and what they had to do to recieve salvation. These people who wrote the record were in the American continents. God loves all His children so it was necessary for them to know how they could also recieve salvation. So they kept a record and were able to see the signs of Christ's birth and of His death and when He was resurrected He came to them and ministered to them also. Then Adam* said well, how can i get this book? how much is it? and we said it is for free. we asked if we could come back and see how he liked reading from the book and he said yes but you have to give me some time. but that was a cool experience.

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