Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/15/12 - Patty

May 15, 2012
Today we went to see Sister Patty! I have only met her once and never got in the door until today. It was really interesting because I put their name down for that day and when we planned I wrote it again. and realized they were on that day twice so i knew we had to go. and it was really neat that we got in. We helped her do some cleaning and then we talked about the sacrament and how they needed to come back to church. She said yeah we just got outta the habit and they dont have any excuse anymore. They have family night, they read scriptures, have temple pics up and everything like that. so it is really weird they dont come to church. she told us her son would really like to go to church to see old friends. when her son got home she asked him if he wanted to go to church and he said yeah i would really like that to see my friends. and then he grabbed his scriptures and said he reads from them almost everyday and they are on his night stand. and he takes a little book of mormon with him to school and he is only like 12! so that is way cool but really weird they dont make it to church.
(they didnt end up comin to church. we need to go and see why not.)

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