Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/27/12 - James*

March 27, 2012
We saw James today. We took Kallee* and Brother Fidel* (ward mission leader) with us to his home. He didnt get a chance to read the second chapter we left him which was alma 7. we decided to read it there with him and explain things. brother casto gave good testimony being a convert himself. after we were through Boyce invited James to be baptized and James said Yes! He also understands that he has to give up coffee because after he said "i want you to know i am down to 2 cups of coffee. my doctor said i needed to stop drinkin it so much cuz it was bad for my health." I laughed and said so our ideas arent entirely crazy are they? he laughed and agreed. i believe that is why he gave up on being baptized last time because he loves coffee! but i am glad that a doctor backed us up on the health benefits! haha

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