Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letter excerpt from 03/11/12 - Testimony

Umm...what to tell the ward. I love this gospel so much. I have been thinkin a lot about how it has been a huge blessing
and just...hmmm i dunno. you can tell any stories you want that i have sent you. I got mooned the other day too...that
was pleasant. I dunno, we are just working hard on finding people. and i guess the best part about this is that I have 
already learned so much! and it's so hard to describe what it has done for me! what it comes down to is that the missions
are really custom designed for the missionary and no matter how much we try to give back to the Lord HE  ALWAYS gives
us even more. i dont know. just say what you want! i love this gospel. I wish i was more involved with the ward before i
left but i have learned out here what kind of member i want to be! so it's great. i dunno i love this gospel with my whole 

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