Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/04/12 - James*

May 4, 2012
So we went to see James*. We talked to him about his dad not wantin him to get baptized into our church and how he could handle that. He also told us he had quit drinkin his coffee so that was good. We then talked about his reading in the book of Mormon. The way he was answering things made it sound like he hadnt been reading. So pretty much I drilled him question after question to see if he was say anything about the characters of the book. It didnt sound like he read...but we just said well, lets read it together because it is important to know the story line and then to apply it to our own life. then jerry's dad pulled up and we talked to him and invited him to the baptism. He asked some good questions and answered them.
Then on Sunday, James went to church with his dad i think and then while we were at church one of the young women went to go teach him with us works at mcdonalds and ordered him a coffee to drink. he just told us he had quit drinkin! so he is no longer on date. I guess the spirit was tellin me that when i felt he wasnt doing his reading.

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