Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/13/12 - Maria*

June 13, 2012
We met with Maria*. and she has  a lot of depression. what bothers me is that she is paying for cable and tv but yet struggling for food and her depression meds, so the church helps. Food is a need! and to struggle to pay for that is scary! she says that she gets up routinely everyday yet the missionaries had to buy her a special alarm clock for sundays and call her. she is a convert for about a year now and i dont know how converted she is.
I want her to experience the atonement in her life so that she can change and let the atonement heal her wounds and her depression. she has a lot of grudges she is carrying and maybe that is what we need to talk about is forgiveness. I dont want to be judgemental on her because we should serve others according to her wants and i know she loves her children but if she is struggling for food....wouldnt that be a little more important than tv? just a thought. but i hope we can get her to that conversion because true conversion leads us to action and to healing. so we talked with her a little about that.

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