Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 06/12/12 - Todd

June 12, 2012
Todd* is in the hospital and we go to visit him and now we are teaching his daughter-in-law and her mom! but he is an old guy and his legs were having real issues and extreme restless leg syndrome. and i asked if we could rub them for him cuz he was trying to do it in his hospital bed but it just wasnt working out. so we rubbed his legs and even his feet. I dont know why i would ever do such a thing cuz his feet were real dry and yuck and just not something i can imagine doing. but for some reason it felt like the right thing to do and noorlander FREAKS when it comes to feet. but for some reason both of us were comforted and not grossed out and did that for him. it was a really neat experience and i dont wanna share it to brag in anyway. but when he prayed it was just so sincere and neat to hear him pray cuz i think he is losin it too. but it was so cool to just feel the comfort and it is so sad to see him struggling the way he has been. it was a neat way to feel the spirit.

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