Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/15/12 - Kevin*

March 15, 2012
Kevin* is a friend of a member.  He really ragged on Joseph Smith being a con-artist and said stupid stuff about the garment. i said you wear your cross as a reminder and i wear my garment as a reminder and he ragged on that and he got mad that when people share their beliefs with him we are telling him he is wrong. well i asked if he ever met with missionaries. and he said no and i said well you cant sit here and talk about Joseph Smith because he sacrificed so much. Kevin just wanted to fight. and it really was ridiculous. and i wouldnt fight with him which is amazing. i just bore short testimony. but he will be in trouble if he continues to drag Joseph Smith's name across the mud like that....i felt that as he disgraced Joseph and it is sad for him. but he didnt care. i was amazed i didnt fight. but i didnt know how to stand up for Joseph with out fighting so i was studying how Christ healed the man of palsy and asked the evil men why they would think evil in their hearts. i am still coming up with a way that the Savior would defend the prophet because Christ always had something to say without being confrontational that got the evil men to shut up, and i want to be like that. and like the time he said. you who is without sin first cast the stone upon this woman and they all walked away knowing they were sinners too.

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