Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 05/31/12 - Harry

May 31, 2012
I met Harry* yesterday and his wife (inactive member) and kids. they fight a lot and it is a little funny but i think Sister Noorlander said that they get into some physical fights. and Harry* believes everything he is taught and just doesnt wanna mess up on that. also they have a smoking addiction so we are working on that with them right now. I really think that they can do it. Harry  told us when we asked him what he expected from our visits he just said he wanted a different feeling. cuz when a dude tells him to do it he says ok and doesnt do it. but when a woman asks you to do something they expect it to get done. haha i laughed at that. but i am excited to talk to him about the atonement.

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