Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 03/26/12 - Jon and Amanda*

March 26, 2012
We had dinner with Amy and Jon and their 2 boys. It was a really fun time. we talked about a lot. and she kept asking us why we believe this. what makes us different. and she is just really cool she knows that the spirit grieves when she does wrong and finds joy in doing good. and I just realize that we need to teach her the simple truths and she will find the why. she just needs to read it. but she asked us to really think about it. someone who is living the same way we are, enduring to the end is the key, she believes she has the holy ghost always, and believes she will have an eternal family that her baptism counts that she is happy cuz she follows the commandments, so what is the difference between us, why does she need this gospel. she is skeptical cuz she is so strong that you ask her to read this book and pray and she asked what would we do if someone asked us to read this "revealed" book. what we would do? we are living right, have the same core beliefs, and then to have this challenge? what makes us different? it is so confusing but it makes sense. and then you know you have to read and to pray...and only she can find the why...i dunno. she is a great lady. we agreed to go to her church one time if she came to ours. she even expressed how she grew up in a very strict religion...and then she couldnt just go off her parents and meeting her husband they had to search and find what they believed. she is prepared! almost too prepared haha...but what can i do? I guess i need to be even more converted so that when i say this is the only true church on the earth today that she cannot disbelieve my words, but also she can never know unless she experiences for herself.

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