Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 04/15/12 - Dan and Susan*

April 15, 2012
Today we decided to go to a Sunday evening service with Dan and Susan. It was unreal! like These people are such Mormons that I was so surprised they had a shouting preacher! They started by standing and singing together with the words on a projecter and a lady was sort of leading/singing into a personal microphone (she wasnt even that good...sorry) and then randomly the Preacher would shout AMEN! the first few times i kinda jumped! the song litterally lasted like 10 minutes long! forever!!! then the Preacher got up and welcomed people who had been gone for a long time and then started praying... He was shouting SO LOUD! and i thought to myself the story of Elijah...Shout louder! maybe he is sleeping and cant hear you! God isnt deaf! but i sure bet He was after that prayer! (ok that was probably not very nice...) anyway, but while he was praying so was this dude in the isle next to me and i was so confused...but whatev. Then people would raise their hands randomly and kinda shake them or bounce them up and down, in praise i guess. and then people would egg the preacher on by saying That's right, or come on, like at a sporting event. those were pretty funny. and he would SHOUT like crazy then calm down and of course people would shout amen randomly and like 3 different times in the middle of his sermon he would start prayin and it caught me off gaurd. but anyway, it was an interesting experience. he had a pretty good message about waiting on the Lord, having patience. and it made me realize you know these people believe this way and worship like this cuz it is all they know! and they do have good stuff. personally going to a church like that would be a waste of my time. because i have experienced the fulness of the gospel! I dont imagine any of those people acting the way they did in church out of church. our religion is our lives and it was just so interesting to me. That we conduct ourselves in higher more reverant manner and we are doing our best to separate ourselves from the world. I just pictured Dan and Susan going to a more reverant church...but what an experience. they believe that cuz that is the most they have experienced so it is our job to help them feel the MORE the FULNESS this gospel has to offer.

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