Sunday, June 17, 2012

Journal Entry from 02/15/12 - James and others

Feb. 15-17, 2012
On Wednesday James* ate dinner with us and the *Patron's family. he was nervous cuz he didnt have anything nice to wear so we told him it was ok it was just dinner. We had a good time and watched the resto dvd. it really invited the spirit. we also talked a little more about the word of wisdom. and James wanted to come to church and was gonna get a ride with the patron's. he called on thursday and said he was a little nervous and we told him what meetings there were and told him we would sit with him. we got him a white shirt and some ties to help him feel more comfortable. then the next day he called and said the he felt that God told him to go to his dad's church. I really think he doesnt want to quit drinking coffee cuz he said that he has drank it since he was 8 and that would be too hard. because everything we taught he said he knows it was true and prayed about it and we asked him what that made him want to do and he said it made him want to repent and to be apart of the one true church. he has even been baptized before and when we explained the priesthood he prayed about that and knew that he should have it done with the proper authority. so how can you know all that to be true and not give up coffee? really and truly made us sad!
dont worry...Barbara* dropped us too. she just wont listen to us and will only watch shows about polygamy and documentaries so she said she cant believe what we do....and Qrimsen* who is an inactive member loved the elders and we met with her a few times just started ignoring us to the max. and elaine again is ignoring us. rodney blew off our appointment. barbara blew us off too but we got to talk to her mom that is a less active member cuz she is mega super old and cant drive anywhere.....ugh. anyone else wanna punch us in the face this week?
feel free to send loads of hate mail because this is the week to do it! You know...even hate mail would make us feel better than this. haha keep on keepin on. this is what i want to see!
alma 29:9-10
love y'all

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